FAQ – MYLARA Skincare


1. At what age Mylara Skin Care is suitable for?

It is suitable to be used by both men and women, starting from age 14-60 as Mylara Skin Care is a solution dedicated to provide vitamin and anti-oxidant rich oriented natural skin care using only high quality ingredients.

2. Do I need to use all the products to see visible results?

You can use individual Mylara Skin Care as part of your skin care regime. However, they have been designed to work as a system, so using them together is highly recommended for optimum results.

3. Are Mylara Skin Care products non-comedogenic?

Yes. We are glad to say that Mylara Skin Care is non-comedogenic (would not clog pores).

4. Can I use Mylara Skin Care if my skin is oily or pimple prone?

Mylara Skin Care is suitable for all skin types.  If your skin is oily or pimple prone, it is probably caused by dehydration. Dehydrated skin causes the sebaceous gland (glands that conceals an oily substance at the skin) to conceal more oil to rebalance the skin’s protective barrier.

5. Can Mylara Skin Care products be used on sensitive and eczema skin?

Mylara Skin Care are dye and harsh chemical-free. They are also pH balanced with minimal irritation. Even though it is suitable for all skin types as with any skin care products, it is recommended that you determine your individual sensitivity by testing Mylara products on a small area before beginning using Mylara completely. Of course, if at any time you notice any skin irritation, you should discontinue using.

6. How can I be sure that your products are effective?

Mylara Skin Care starts with thorough researches on all potential ingredients. Each product is carefully formulated with adequate amount of respective active ingredients. These ingredients are then delicately blended with effective carrier elements that transfer the benefits of key ingredients directly to your skin. Once formulated, all products are tested for safety and stability.

7. When will I see positive results?

As each individual has different product-tolerance, therefore, visible results will vary from one person to another. Typically results will depend upon the products itself, skin condition and skin type. The best way to see quick positive results is with consistent usage as directed.

8. Can I use your products if I am pregnant or nursing?

Mylara Skin Care is safe to be used by pregnant and nursing mothers in view of the natural ingredients that are proven to prevent the production of melanin without being toxic and safe to use at the same time. It is very important to avoid the sun and use UV SPF protection everyday during pregnancy and nursing as the hormones released during this time can greatly increase pigmentation on your skin, causing melasma (dark spots).

9. Does your ingredients and products are tested on animals?

All our ingredients and products are never tested on animals.

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